Those of us at Hope Heating & Air believe in providing the best air conditioning service in Atlanta, GA. We are industry leaders when it comes to serving the needs of our customers first over the needs of ourselves and this comes from our core value of service to our customers. We are certain that you will be satisfied with the service we offer to you so confidently that we offer a Satisfaction guarantee where we acknowledge that we aren’t happy with the job until you are happy with the job. There are so many reasons that we are different from our peers in the field and you should read about some of those in more detail on the Why Us page of our website! This page is intended to give you an idea of a few of the core services we offer to our customers and clients. This page is more intended to offer insight to the typical needs of our customers when they come looking for HVAC service Atlanta and demonstrate how we are confident and qualified to service them. To know exhaustively all of the things we provide call us today and speak with our team! You’ll find out why we are among the best HVAC companies in Atlanta when you book a service with us.


Residential Maintenance Service

It shouldn’t be surprising that as HVAC service Atlanta providers that we find ourselves doing residential maintenance service a majority of the time! We welcome this work though because after so many years in the industry, we have become proficient as well as efficient in providing these services to our customers & clients! Getting through the toasty summertime in Marietta, Sandy Springs, Stone Mountain, Atlanta Proper, and the other surrounding cities in the metro is inescapable. No matter how you look at it you have to have the right and most energy-efficient AC system to stay comfortable and peaceful during the summer months! We live in the areas that we serve and know how it goes and we know that if we need this then others do too! Working with the right company to provide you with the best solutions is essential! With us you can rest assured that you have made the right choice! You will always know what is happening through the process with us and will never be left guessing during the process! Read our reviews that people have left us after providing the necessary HVAC service Atlanta to them! You can trust our team to do it right the first time as well as standing behind the work that we give to you!

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Repair HVAC Service Atlanta

Most of the time, you know just as well as the company that the problem could be fixed much more simply than needing a full overhaul of the system when you go requesting HVAC service Atlanta. You know it is this way, but still have to request a contractor to come out for the issue anyways and feel yourself being taken advantage of. There are truly times when a new system is necessary, but it really isn’t every single time. Because we operate with integrity we only want to suggest the options that you actually need for your system! We want to work with you to figure out what you actually need for your system whether the problem will be fixed by a simple repair instead that is significantly less costly. This is too common to hear from our customers that they reached out to someone else who looked at their system for all of a few minutes and came back with the report that the whole system needed replaced. This usually comes from two possibilities, one they are making a poor and unintegrous attempt at sales or two they don’t know how to fix the problem. Then the easiest solution for them is just to start fresh by putting in a whole new system. We do not need to make that kind of leap because our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to provide HVAC service Atlanta and fix the problem the right way.


HVAC Installation

In the context of everything we said above, there is legitimately a time when a system upgrade is truly needed and is really the best course of action. When we provide HVAC service Atlanta, we look for the needs of the customer first. A lot of times the home you are living in is still using the same system that was installed when the home was built which for the most part was done in the previous century or even earlier! They may not make them like they used to in that sense, however the systems we have advanced to in this day and age are so much more efficient and effective that the change pays for itself within a short period of time! We continually keep up with the latest and greatest so that you don’t have to and want to work with you to get the option that will be the best solution for your home. Our team is qualified & capable, ready & willing to bring you into the 21st Century out of the dark ages!

Air Purification

Prior to the Coronavirius Pandemic of 2019, people didn’t think about air quality and indoor air pollution near as much as they should have. Normally we think this is something that happens outdoors and has nothing to do with HVAC service Atlanta, but as experts in the industry we have been exposed to the truth and know differently. Indoor pollution can sometimes be worse than outdoor pollution according to the EPA & American Lung Association! When the air is recirculated over and over it leaves the bad stuff until eventually you have breathed it all in and your lungs have become the air purification system for your home! The systems that we use to combat this are designed to attach to your current heating and air conditioning system and clear the air by eliminating indoor air pollution. Call us today to have experts in HVAC service Atlanta work on your system and positively impact the things you literally experience the most, environment & breathing!